Hey hey hey, happy Monday lovelies! Welcome back to the blog! I am super excited for today’s post in particular as I am bringing back my lil’ interview series [who remembers from way back in the day?!]. Today I’m chatting with Nina, from @ninascupoftea on instagram! Nina is relatively new to the blogosphere, however since joining the community a couple of weeks ago, she has been a smashing success!! I wanted to talk with Nina about joining the blogosphere in 2020, as I get questions on the daily about whether or not is the right time to start a blog, how to start a blog and people asking for general advice! I’ve learnt a lot about blogging since I started my journey, although I thought hearing from a newer blogger who has experienced joining the blogging community much more recently would be beneficial for budding new bloggers and interesting for older bloggers like myself!


First of all, tell the readers a bit about yourself! How long have you been blogging for, what are your passions etc?
Hello there! I’m Nina, a 15yearold fashion and lifestyle blogger from The Netherlands. I’ve always adored reading, writing and fashion and blogging is the perfect combination!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for the longest of times now, but I never really had the time to sit down for it and figure it all out. During quarantine I sat down and well, here we are! 

What has your experience of joining the blogosphere looked like?
It was beyond my expectations. Everyone is so kind and supportive! 

Was being stuck in lockdown the burst of motivation you needed to make you launch your blog?
Definitely, a 100%. I really want(ed) to use this quarantine to focus on myself and doing more of the things I love to do such as photography, writing, fashion and lifestyle. Blogging is a combination of all of those things!  

IMG_0070Have you found that being in lockdown has made you feel more or less motivated and inspired, in terms of producing content?
It varies. Sometimes it can be all a bit overwhelming, but the next day I can burst of motivation! On the ‘down days’ I won’t pressure myself on posting and I’ll focus on getting myself together again and make the next day count.  

What style of content can your readers expect from you?
I honestly post about everything I like which is a lot! I don’t think you can really categorize my content but the main things I’m posting about right now are fashion, food and lifestyle related. I’m currently in the process of rebranding my blog and Instagram a bit. I’ve recently switched to WordPress and I’m playing around a bit with my feed. 

I want to get more engaged within the productivity / study community. I think my favourite side of YouTube is the StudyTube community. It’s the reason I enjoy going to school and I hope I can do the same to others! 

Being Dutch, have you encountered any challenges with blogging in English?
The English language has always been really interesting to me. I think that the opinions of others are my biggest insecurity involving the language. I’ve had several ‘blogs’ in the past where I would talk in English and the reactions haven’t always been the most positive. I live in a village on the countryside of The Netherlands. Most children here can be very close-minded. I changed schools this year closer to the city and I couldn’t be more happy with the friends I’ve made this year, but I still haven’t told anyone besides my family about my blog. It does feel kind of good that I have managed to create a lovely community without the following of people I already know. 

Has your experience as a blogger so far matched your expectations?
More than! I never could’ve dreamed of the reactions I’ve got so far. As I said, everyone is so kind and supportive. I also never thought I’d be so busy with it in a positive way! Responding to comments, DM’s, capturing bits of my life through my stories… It’s a lot! But it is something to be grateful for because it shows how lovely the blogosphere is! Everyone is so supportive of each other and it feels like I have made so many new friends. 

IMG_0071What goals do you have for your blog in the short term and in the long term?
I’m planning on rebranding my blog and Instagram a bit as I said before. I’m really exited for the new content that’s coming! I’m also looking forward to growing the community even more. 

What advice would you give to someone who is wanting to start a blog during quarantine / in general?
Always be yourself! Don’t act like someone else because you’ll think people will like you better. That is not true at all! I love the how we all have our own personalities within the blogosphere! Also, interact! Interacting with your followers is so important. Respond to comment, DM’s, other’s posts, stories from other bloggers but do be genuine. 

Which fellow bloggers would you say are worth checking out / have ‘must-read’ blogs?
I’m loving @lifeisrosieee on Instagram right now! I always enjoy watching her stories and she is so engaging with her following! She started her blog this quarantine and has already reached a thousand followers within a few weeks!

WOW! It was so lovely to put that blog post together and read all of Nina’s answers. It made me a bit emosh – reminding me of when I first started out blogging! I really hope Nina’s answers will have helped anyone who is wanting to join the blogosphere. If you have any more questions / are looking for some advice, I’m sure either Nina or myself would be willing to help you out. 

Nina, thank you so much for participating in this interview; it was so lovely to get to know you better whilst gaining your perspective on blogging! I am super impressed with the progress you have made since joining the community, and I can’t wait to continue watching you grow and flourish! If you guys aren’t already following Nina, you need to go and check her out! Make sure you check out her Instagram and her blog and show lots of support to her on both platforms!!

If you enjoyed today’s blog post, please give it a like! Make sure you follow the blog if you don’t want to miss any future blog posts! I’m hitting you next week with a social media strategy blog post ;). Who would like to see me interview next? I’ll try and make as many of your requests take place as possible!!

Have a lovely week everyone! All my love,
Grace x


7 thoughts on “JOINING THE BLOGOSPHERE IN 2020 | interview!

  1. Great interview! I found it super interesting to read. Nina has just gained a new follower, and I’m very happy you introduced me to her blog. During lockdown I’ve been just getting by, and hardly doing anything outside of the norm. So congratulations Nina for beginning a blog! I’m still overwhelmed with work and it’s a tiny bit stressful. But reading posts like this really help me realise why I love blogging and motivate me to carry on. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now which is crazy.
    Can’t wait to see more interviews and I’ll also be intrigued to hear what you put in your social media strategy post 🙂
    Stay safe,
    Erin x


  2. i love your interviews. i think it’s so nice to have an insight into someones opinions and thoughts on social media. xxx


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